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Accessing Benefits During a Disaster or Emergency

MoreCare is here to help you.

As a MoreCare member, you will have access to your benefits during a public health emergency or a disaster. When one of these events is declared, and until the event ends, MoreCare will:

  • Cover out- of -network services and benefits at the rate those services and benefits would be provided by network providers
  • Waive the requirements for referrals, where applicable
  • Make changes that benefit you right away, without the required 30-day notice

How is a pubic health emergency or a disaster declared?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) states that a declaration of disaster may be made by:

  • A presidential declaration of disaster or emergency under either:
    • The Stafford Act
    • The National Emergencies Act
  • A secretarial declaration of a public health emergency under Section 319 of the Public Health Service Act
  • A declaration by the governor of your state or territory

If the president declares a disaster, the Secretary of Health and Human Services may also authorize waivers or modifications under Section 1135 of the Public Health Service Act.

When does a disaster or public health emergency end?
It ends when any of these events happen.

  • The source that declared the public health emergency or state of disaster says that it is over
  • CMS declares that the state of disaster or public health emergency is over
  • 30 days have passed since the state of disaster or public health emergency was declared

MoreCare will let CMS know if we cannot resume normal operations by the end of the state of disaster or the public health emergency.

CMS also requires MoreCare to:

  • Explain your payment terms and conditions if you live in a disaster area and get care from an out- of- network provider during a declared emergency or disaster
  • Notify you each year of any special requirements that are in effect during a disaster or emergency
  • Share these special requirements with you on our website